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    Default North or South Route

    I ya all. This summer I am taking a road trip with my girl friend from Worcester MA to Colorado. From Colorado we are going to spend a couple days in California. Now we are split on whether or not we should take a northern way home or a southern way home. Which one do you think would be more interesting The Dakotas and Montanna way or the Texas and New Mexico way. My wife wants to go through texas in the worst way and I am really torn whether or not we should go the northern way or southern way... What do you guys think would be more interesting and ejoyable?????

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    Default Pittsburgh-NYC : Irish First Timer!!!

    Hi all --

    My Irish friend is planning a road trip from Pittsburgh to New York City this summer. He's never been in the country before and wants to know what to see and do along the way. Does anyone know if it would be better to drive straight from Pitt to NYC or to cross PA and go up to NYC that way? He has one month (overall) so he can take a few days to make the trip. Thanks so much for any help!!!

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    I think you should ask your wife if she minds that you take your girlfriend on a roadtrip ;)

    I haven't been the southern route, nor have I done the northern route that you mentioned, but I have done the "middle route" through Colorado. If I were to travel out to CA again, I would probably take the northern route. The only real deciding factor in the summer would be wild fires. When I was going out west from Wisconsin 3.5 years ago, there were massive forest fires in western MT and norther ID. I stayed in CO and swung up from SLC to Seattle to avoid the fires. Even if the fires are a direct danger to you, the air quality down wind will leave you gagging and wishing you went south.

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