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    Default Driving from Chicago to Dallas

    Hi, all the directions Iam getting on the internet driving from Chicago to Dallas show a route that goes thru Missouri and oklahoma.I think driving by way of Arkansas would be less likely to run into snow.Looks to almost be the same distance.Any advice would be appreciated.WE are taking our dog for the first time,so hope we can find some pet friendly hotels in Il and Ar Thank You

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    Default Maybe

    I don't know that you'd be less likely to encounter snow in Arkansas than MO, but you may be right. Why not take I-55 down to Memphis and I-40, then I-30 to Dallas? Looks like a good, quick route to me -- or you could get off on some state highways if you want to take it a little easier, perhaps US79 from Memphis area to Magnolia, AR, then US82 to just north of Dallas.

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    Hi,i would suggest take the route that goes thru Missouri and Oklahoma,its very scenic and the trip would be pleasureable,dont forget to stop at worlds biggest mcdonalds at vinita and take care at the turn at joplin,it was a bit tricky when we travelled last year on the same route.Lake Eufaula is very pictureable.

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