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    Default dallas to ny to la

    A couple of my buddies and I went from Dallas to San Diego last year in one day, 24 hours straight, went a little longer because of stops. we then went to Laguna Beach and then LA and stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way back. This year we are going to one up ourselves, Dallas to NY to LA is the general outline. I was thinking we should stop in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and in DC, and after New York make stops in Chicago and Colorado Springs before LA and San Diego. We were thinking about 3 weeks we be needed. Any suggestions from anyone whose done it before or has been to some interesting spots along the way?

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    Default I've Done That Trip (In a Sense)


    New York is a place that you're going to want to spend LOTS of time in. I applaud your willingness to roadtrip EAST of where you're starting from, but for an awesome three week experience, consider confining yourselves to the east this year and seeing more and driving less, rather than vice-versa.

    Check this out...

    You can be in New Orleans by the first night. Get a room, hit Bourbon Street, and try...TRY to leave the next day. You're going to want to spend a little time there. Do so. Then you can head north up to Memphis and check out Graceland and Beale Street; maybe over to Nashville for great nightlife and some of the most beautiful women you've ever seen; the Smoky Mountain NP like you're planning to already (my most common suggestion for this region is Smokies-Blue Ridge Parkway-Shenandoah- do a search for Blue Ridge Parkway and you'll see lots of my postings); then you can head over to D.C. and do a little sightseeing there;

    Week 2
    Up to New York- try not to spend TOO much money there (good luck with that); up to Boston for a night or two; the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Green Mountains of Vermont; Acadia NP in Maine; cross the border and backtrack to Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto;

    Week 3
    Cross the border again at Niagara Falls and drive around Lake Erie to Cleveland for the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame; cross Indiana and head into Chicago for a day or two; then head south through the Midwest hitting St. Louis along the way.

    The trip will be alot more enjoyable if you concentrated on one part of the country. There is so much to see out there and you might be better served by seeing all that you can

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default road trip

    thanks for the advice, i'm really considering changing the plans to include a couple of those places. how about an effective way to save money. we don't really want to take any of our cars because of the mileage but a rental car is about 1000 dollars for that amount of time. any suggestions?

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