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    Default California Roadtrip

    Hi, Myself and a friend are planning a roadtrip in california in late april 2004. We will fly into LAX from the UK and hire a car for our 2 week trip. We want to see LA, San Simeon, San Fran, Las Vegas, San Diego and back to LA. I realise this will be a rush trip but we want to see as much as possible. Has anyone got any advice, tips, things we shouldnt miss etc. And the best nightlife places? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys, Ash.

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    Default Reasonable Fortnight

    I think you have plenty of time to see the places you want to see.

    Los Angeles is about 400 miles (640 km) from San Fran. I suggest you leave the morning after you arrive and take HWY 1 (coastal route). Do the drive in two days so you can take in the incredible scenery. Consider an extra night in Santa Cruz, which is a very fun place with an incredible boardwalk and beach. Spend a few days in SF (see Marin County while you're there...over the Golden Gate Bridge, easy to find).

    Plan on a major driving day to get from SF to Las Vegas. It's about 600 miles away (1000 km) but it's a really amazing experience to drive into Las Vegas in the middle of the night. You'll see the glow from dozens of kilometers away.

    Vegas to L.A. is about 5-6 hours. Los Angeles to San Diego, depending on traffic, is 2-3 hours away. You have plenty of time to spend in each place.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default road trip advice 4 hiking and camping on westcoast

    Hey, I did a 2 week roadtrip on the westcoast last summer and saw nevada, arizona, california and utah. So it can all be done. Granted we only spent a couple days in each place but it was great if u are into hiking and nature.
    We flew into Las Vegas and rented a car from enterprise. We were under 25 so we didnt have many options.

    1.Sedona Arizona (5hrs from las vegas) which is beautiful,and on the way you will pass the hover dam.
    > There are red rock canyons, hiking trails, natural water slides, Vortexs which are spiritual centers and an indian center which is really nice. There were redrock canyons and cool trails.

    2.Grand canyon is a MUST especially since it isnt that far from Las Vegas. you can do a day trip!
    >Highly recomend going to the grand canyon!

    3. Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park in UTAH(5hrs from grand canyon)
    > unique red rock formations called hoodos.

    4. Zion Nat'l park (2hrs from bryce) It is rocky moutains with a valley and river running through it.very beautiful. Our most challenging hike was here called Angels landing but very worth it. It is very strenous and u have to use chains to get to the top but if u are in good heath and go early in the morning or late afternoon u should be ok.

    5.Death Valley National park (about 6hrs back past las vegas) We just drove through it on the way to Yosemite. Amazing Sand dunes but 118 degrees. Beautiful but make sure your car is prepared with water and oil.

    6. Yosemite Nat'l park (about 6hrs from death valley) The most beautiful drives ever. There were snow caped moutains which was a big change from coming from the desert. Once you get to the park entrance there is still a 1 and 1/2 hr drive to get to yosemite village. SO Amazing but u need atleast 3-4 days there

    8. Los Angeles, (5hrs) we spent 2 days in santa monica to visit a friend, we saw hollywood and universal studios. it was great.

    9. Las Vegas (4hrs) it was nice we stayed at the tuscany suites off the strip for 44 $ a nite.

    Well that was our basic trip. If you decide to go to any of these places let me know and i could tell you more details.
    Enjoy your trip. Susan

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    Default Wow! Quite a trip


    How many miles did you rack up on this odyssey? It sounds pretty strenous. The Angels Landing hike is pretty amazing -- I would say that your description of that final climb was a bit understated -- you and your companion must be in great shape!

    On your next visit to Zion -- you have to do the River Trail -- most of it is in the water -- a bit tough in the winter, but great in the summer.

    I am a professional roadtripper, but characterizing the Grand Cayon as a day trip from Las Vegas -- Whew! How much time were you able to spend there? There are some fabulous insider tips about staying there posted by "Bob" on this forum. Next time -- you gotta go to the North Rim too.

    Thanks for the post!


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    Default Cali

    Hey, Im from Cali so i can tell u a little about he freeways and distances: SD is 2 hours south of LA, you would probably just go there then come back to LA.. the red light district in SD has clubs and stuff. to get to Vegas you would take the 5 north from LA. its only about 4 hrs from LA. San Simeon is on your way up to San Fran. If u take the 101 North out of LA, you'll go along the coast, going through Santa Barbara (where im from) which is very beautiful and has great beaches.. (LA to SB is about 2 hr drive) there are clubs and bars on State street, which is the main streat which runs straight through down town from the pier. if u continue North on the 101.. you'll take the 1 over to Cambria which is near San Simeon. Definately check out Hearst castle while youre in san simeon. then taking either the 1 or the 101 up to SF. (SB to SF straight is aobut 6 hr drive) A quick way back to LA from SF is the 5 which cuts through the state (about 6 hr drive) In LA you should check out Santa Monica. Hope this helps some. If you have any questions dont hesitate to email me. -Dina

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    Dina de Veer Guest


    correction... gas lamp district, not red light. oops :)

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