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    Default uhaul and tire chains

    My friend and i are driving from seattle to san francisco in a few days and the mountain passes are snowy. We are both unfamilar with driving in snow and putting snow tires on a truck or a car for that matter. Any and all suggestions or information would be extreamly valuable!

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    Default Not to worry


    The only significant pass on your (I-5) route is near Grants Pass, Oregon. That pass is rarely closed due to snow, but it is essential that you carry snow chains (not snow tires) and know how to put them on. You should practice putting them 2-3 times in your driveway.

    It really isn't that big a deal. Don't worry.

  3. Default SNOW CHAINS

    You're in LUCK if you are driving a truck that has dual rear wheels! All you need is one set of "singles" chains to install on outer dual easily by driving inner dual up on a a piece of 2x6 board. This lifts the outer dual clear of the road surface just as if it had been jacked up!

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