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    Jamie Uson Guest

    Default First Road Trip Advice?

    Hey Everyone,
    3 close friends and I are planning to take a 30 day road trip from April to May this year. We're planning to drive from Montreal along the East coast until South Carolina then cut across to New Orleans, Over to Austin TX (we have friends there), From Austin to the Grand Canyon, GC to Vegas, Vegas to Yellowstone and then back up into Canada.
    It's quite the hike, but we've got the timing worked out fairly well. The catch is that this is our first road trip and don't really know what to expect along the way.
    If anyone has any advice, comments on the locations we're planning to hit, or things we should see along the way, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, we're all in our early 20's and will be camping as much as possible along the way.

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    Default They must be close friends!

    What size vehicle are you planning this epic trip in?

    That is an extraordinary amount of driving in for a 30 day road trip. I expect that your camping time will be cut short by the many hours you will be driving at night.

    Camping in April is going to be brisk (snow) for much of your planned line of march. I hope you have good, warm camping gear.

    On the other hand, it should be a fun trip. Just curious -- how much $$ are budgeting for this adventure?


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    Kelley Bova Guest

    Default Yosemite

    I think you should try to see Yosemite if you can. It is a breathtaking park and rated one of the top spots to visit in the U.S. Although sleeping reservations are usually filled up, there are always cancellations. to contact from outside the U.S., call 406-862-8190. Inside the U.S. call 866-875-8456. I hope you have a great trip.

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