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    Default Road Trip from seattle to seattle via all coastal states & more

    4 of us are planning to drive from seattle down the west coast into san diego, the through texas etc into miami and then the eastern states, then across again to seatle eiter via cancada or chicago.

    gonna stop in as many states as possible on teh way, so want ideas of things that i've gotta see or do, and any good bars or places to stay.

    Any info will be gratefully recieved as I'm a road trip virgin!! coming over from the UK!

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    Default Suggestions

    Hi Moomin,

    Sounds like a hell of a trip, how long are you planning to take ? Do you know how far apart the places you mention are ? I ask because lots of UK visitors to my site ( have looked at a map of the States and not understood the scale properly and been out by a factor of 10 when estimating driving times.

    Assuming you have a got am month or two for this trip, here are a few suggestions from me roughly following the route you outline.

    In Oregon dont miss Crater Lake NP
    In Northern Califronia see Redwood NP, Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic NP.
    Travel down through Napa Valley to San Francisco.
    If you've got the time go inland to Yosemite and Sequoia NPs before cutting back to San Fran and doing the Pacific Coast highway and Big Sur to Los Angeles.

    Presumably on you way to Texas you'll do the Grand Canyon ? You might also want to consider the NPs of southern Utah and Las Vegas while you are in the vicinity.

    Later on in your trip on your way west back to Seattle, see the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park.

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    Moomin Guest


    Cheers for that info, we were already planning on crater lake but some of the others we had overlooked. Coming over for 3 and half months so hope to get it all in!!! I'll definately have a look at your site. Any help form yourself or others will still be gratefully rec'd.


    Matt (Moomin)

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    There are tons of great cities, but two absolute musts, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

    Vegas has two sections. The Strip where all the big, over the top, let's out do the other guy, casinos/hotels are and the area called Downtown, where the more traditional Vegas hotels are located on Freemont St. Both areas are great. They are separated by a substantial distance so driving or a cab ride is a must. Also, they are separated by a kind of seedy area, so be aware of it.

    New Orleans is great. You'll need a couple of days just to try every kind of food they offer. If you're on a budget, stay out of town that has a shuttle service into the French Quarter. Stay where the crowds are. It doesn't take long to get to some unsavory areas.

    As far as bars go, a lot of cities have or are creating nightlife areas packed with restaurants, shops, bars and clubs. Get a guide book or find one of those entertainment flyers that every town by the entrance of motels or restaurants. Either that or ask a cabbie or hotel clerk where the kids go to drink.

    I'm more of a peanut shells on the floor kind of guy so the seedy local dive of a small town where you get a huge slice of hometown feel on the lip of your not quite clean glass is what I look for. Those are a little trickier to find because there's no lines out the door, dress codes, handstamps or "music" that leaves you with a dull buzzing in your ears for a day or two. But if that's your cup of tea, every city is infested with them.

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    Cheers Roadtripper,

    the info has been useful, didn't know there were two seperate parts of las vegas so will look into it ow. tahnks for the info on the shuttle will make sure to stay where people are.

    I'm easy with nightlife to, i'd like to see different things so may try out some of these bars you try and visit.

    cheers for that

    if anyone else has any info on these places or anywhere else, i'm looking at areas in teh south at the mo, i'd be very grateful.

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    Default New Las Vegas resource

    We (the RTA editors) have launched a new site dedicated to <a href = "">Living Las Vegas</a> which you might find helpful.

    Another element of Las Vegas that is generally not known -- is the phenon of the local tavern. At last count there are 200 to 300 of these establishments -- without exception all have excellent food, good deals on local brews, most have live music and friendly bar staffs. I personally have visited 30+ so far and all have an almost "Cheers-like" quality.

    Plus, there are a remarkable number of free or low-cost shows in Vegas. It is a extraordinary town to explore.

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    Default Recommendations?

    Can you recommend one or two of the taverns you liked? I'm coming in late April for a co-workers wedding and that might be a fun way to spend an evening. Bob

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    Default Where do I start...


    Since I know you have a fine appreciation for barbeque ribs -- check out Gee-Bees on Las Vegas Blvd (near Windmill). The Dispensary (Tropicana and Eastern) has the best $2.99 cheesburger you are likely to find in the southwest. Another on the south end of town is Seven Hills and the Hurricane hosts some remarkably well-known musical entertaiment.

    On the west side, Skinny Dungins is a classic. One of the qualities of most of these places is the die-hard adoption of a particular professional or college sports franchise. One could go to a hundred different taverns with a hundred different alliances and feel like a "one of the gang" as long as you know the stats of the favored sports personalities.


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    Default in WA

    Since you're starting in Washington, I can't emphasize enough that you should see Mt. St. Helens. Since the blast in 1980, this mountain is renewing itself and it is amazing to see the devestation as well as Mother Nature's renewal. It changes yearly and each time I go I am awestruck.

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