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    imported_Matt Guest

    Default 3 Month Lease on a 1993 GMC Van Conversion - $3400

    Hi everyone,

    I and 3 mates will be traveling around the usa this summer. I have negotiated a 3 month lease on a low millage 1993 GMC van conversion for $3400 (includes unlimited miles and insurance) and was wondering if people here thought that was an ok deal?


    1) Is it worth joining the AAA (as we are from England)?
    2) What kind of milage can we expect if we go gentle on the gas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default It's OK

    I don't think it is a SMOKING deal, but it's not bad. Perhaps a little high for something that old, but if it is in good shape, it shouldn't matter that much. This works out to about $263 per week, so about $66 per person per week. It might be even more attractive if there are lots of conveniences included with the conversion -- stove? Refrigerator? Etc. How will breakdowns be handled and covered?

    What are the insurance coverages offered?

    Is the van full-sized or a mini? V8 or 6 cylinder. Your mileage is dependent on the answers to those questions, and what kind of shape the powertrain is in. (How many miles does it have on it?) It could be as little as 14 mpg or less for a full-size with a big engine, or up to about 18-19 highway for a minivan with a good V6 engine. Give or take, more or less. The market on fuel prices is predicted to rise here over the next few months, so it will be hard to forecast your fuel costs -- we are at about 1.50 per US gallon or a bit less right now -- by summer prices will probably rise significantly -- I'd guess we could be paying 1.80 per or more by early summer, if nothing else happens to force more radical changes.

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    Default AAA

    I always suggest AAA. If you get it, you will want their Plus membership as it provides greater towing coverage. Have a great trip and let us know how it goes!

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    imported_Matt Guest


    Thanks for the info,

    Im thinking its a large GMC, with probably a V8 - so maybe not as good fuel consumption as we were hoping!

    We thought the deal was ok as we are all under 25, so the insurance would be more - but if anyone knows anywhere cheaper that would be great.

    We are planning to leave seattle and go anti clockwise around the usa. Anyone got any cool things we shouldnt miss? (apart from all the usual cities, and famous things like the Grand Caynon/mount rushmore etc)>?



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    imported_Allison Guest


    I would say...hit North Carolina and go into the smokies. The smokie mountain national park is breathetaking. Half of it is in North Carolina and the other half is in Tennessee.

    Look into driving the blue ridge parkway. It goes from the bottom of Virgina into the bottom west side of North Carolina (I think). You can hop on it at multiple points in the state. Breathtaking scenery and lots of stuff to do

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