My two friends and I are going to Tennessee for a week after school lets out in May. We're planning on going to Pigeon Forge (for Dollywood), Nashville (for the Grand Ole Opry), and Memphis (for Graceland). We live in Washington DC, so our route will be to drive through Virginia, and enter Tennesse around Bristol. None of us have ever been to Tennesse on a trip, so we don't know what there is to see and do there, besides the three places I mentioned before. We'd like to hit as many random places as possible, the more touristy, the better! We'll be there for a week (wed to wed). Any suggestions on where else we might want to visit? How much money to bring? (I was thinking around $1500 each, plus a little extras for emergencys.) What to bring, pack etc? None of us have ever been on a trip w/out our parents, so needless to say we can use any advice you're willing to give us!! Replys would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks and take care.