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    Hi, there,

    I am gonna run to DC from NYC this spring (maybe this March), I plan to use 10~14 days to finish it. I believe I can do that, since I have runned the NYC Marathon 2003. But I really need your suggestion or help on the route, accommodation and food etc.

    First of all, I cannot decide the route yet, cause I cannot find out one detailed map showing the local roads on which I can run, since definitely I cannot run on the interstate or other highway. Do you have any idea where I can find out this kind altas? And I need to make a good schedule for booking the hotels along my route, but the problem is how I can find the hotels which will exactly match my step, do you have any idea?

    And another thing, I am not sure which kind stuff or accessories I need carry with me during my running. I think I would better bring one cell phone, how do you think? And any other stuff I need on my way? Do you think I need to bring any medicine?

    Any advice and suggestion is highly appreciated! For anyone who had similar experience, if you email me, that would be greatly helpful! My email: Thks so much!!

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    Default Wow!

    I wish I had your energy! I have no advice for you as I'm not from that area. However, I would sure love for you to report back and let us know how it goes.

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    Default Maybe this guy can help you

    Run an internet search on a guy named Reza Baluchi. Reza recently completed an around the world bicycle/running trip, showing up at Ground Zero (his intended destination) on 9/11/03. He ran for "world peace." He has a web site and perhaps he and his cohorts could give you some real-world direction.

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    Default Does anyone you know own...

    Microsoft Streets and Trips?

    That's some incredible software. You'd be able to zoom in and zoom out for as much or as little detail as you want.

    You can do the same thing on but it would take you forever.

    Best of luck to you. Very interesting post.




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