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    I'm a high school senior, and I'm hoping to take a road trip with a friend or two after graduation this summer. We're aiming to go for somewhere between a week and two weeks. I have two questions. First, if anyone knows any interesting destinations on the east coast (we'll be traveling from a Manhattan suburb), I'd love to hear them. Secondly, and bluntly, is it a completely stupid idea for two teenage girls to drive off alone for a week or two? Does anyone have any ideas of places that are more accepting of young travelers? I realize these may be naive questions, but if anyone can help us out, even just with destinations or first time traveling tips, that would be great.

    Thanks so much!

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    Default I did it

    My first solo roadtrip of any length was the summer after I graduated from high school -- it was a three week 10,000 mile trip. That was a few years ago...

    There are a number of posts on this forum dealing with young roadtrippers -- use the search button on the top of the page.

    Boston is fun. Cape Cod Even Long Island can be a hoot. How much money do you want to spend? How far do you want to go?


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    Come to Southern California. Don't waste your time on the rest of the country !

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    thanks for responding!

    distancewise, i don't have a real limit. i think that because of time - about two weeks - i'd want to go somewhat close but not so close that it's familiar, between 300-600 miles, roughly. (sorry, no souther california!) i was reading about cape cod, but i didn't know if it was just really touristy and/or obscenely expensive. i was also wondering about the northern east coast states, VT/NH/ME, etc. something beachy would be good since i'm going in the summer.
    as for money, i have some but not a ton, probably seven hundred or so, depending on how much i work; on the bright side, i'll be traveling with other people who will also have money of their own. any other advicce would be great!


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    Default Maritime Provinces?

    How about keeping on going north, and see the Canadian Maritime Provinces as well? There's some beautiful country up there. You could follow the coastline as far as you want!

    I'd have to climb Mt Katadin, in Maine, too. I understand that's the first ground the morning sun hits each day on the USA mainland. This is a prime opportunity to see the "green flash!"

    This'd be my first choice, if I were doing it. Bob

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    Default the Cape is beautiful!

    Cape Cod is absolutely beautiful.. also if you are "open minded" province town is one of the most gorgeous towns on the Cape. Also you could go over on the ferry a day (can take a car but its pretty pricey) to Martha's Vineyard. Also Newport Rhode Island is a very nice city.. Kind of crouded in the summer, but caters very well to teenagers (my Boyfriend and I have gone every summer for a weekend we're 20 and 21 {been together 5 years}) If you like camping try Vermont. (mountain views are amazing) New England is beautiful especially in the summer! (I live in RI and wouldn't think of leaving NE! Gotta have my four seasons)

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    Default LONG ISLAND?!

    My best advice is to figure out exactly how long you want to do this for, and then figure out how many hours of driving you want to do per day.

    If you are into beautiful scenery, I will, for the umpteen-thousandth and second time, suggest Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Another idea is to travel up to the White Mountains and Green Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont respectively. Then you could either go up to the southern coast of Maine, or head NNW to Montreal and Quebec City (VERY cool cities)

    Another idea would be to go across upstate New York. The Finger Lakes are beautiful in the early summer, and after you reach Buffalo, you can head into Niagara and maybe even Toronto. (Assuming you haven't seen it already) If you go that way, consider going as far as Eastern Ohio. The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is an interesting stop, and Cedar Point Amusement Park near Sandusky is among the best of its kind. Great rollercoasters if you're into that kind of thing.

    Just promise me one thing...that you won't just drive down I-95 and go to Florida. That would be much too lame ;)
    Be creative with your route and time. If you give yourself two weeks and you agree to have two or three days dedicated mostly to driving, you can get pretty far in that time.

    Good luck and safe driving.



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