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    Default Chicago to Lynchburg, TN - anything interesting along the way?

    Hi. I'm planning a road trip to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Does anyone know of any funny/unique sites to check out along the way? Any camping information for Lynchburg would be appreciated as well!

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    imported_LAURA Guest


    Just drove this a week ago. (I live in Ottawa, IL)

    on 57 in Tuscola there is an old-school shiny dennys. One of those 50's nostaglia places. If you are hungry when you're around here it is at least an unique atomsphere. And they have a statue of Jake and Elwood (the Blues Brothers), which anyone hailing from CHicago should be able to appreciate.

    You'll love the JD tour in Lynchburg.

    I cant personally speak on Camping down there. I would suggest going to the Tennesee state park site and looking there. Generally they have good information about camping at the state parks.

    WE did not have time to stop, but off of 24 in Kentucky there is some Land Between the Lakes Receration area. It looked really neat. I want to go back and check that out. And I want to check out Mammoth Cave, that is North of Nashville. I think it will add an extra 2 hours of driving time if you go this way.


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