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    Nora Gump Guest

    Default Summer 2004 roadtrip!!!

    Hi everyone! This summer, in celebration of graduating from graduate school, my friends and I have decided to take a road trip from Winston-Salem, NC to wherever we end up on the West coast. Last year we took a road trip up the East coast (DC, Philly, NYC, Asbury Park, NJ), but we had destinations picked out, massive maps, internet directions and friends to stay with. For this trip, we would like it to be one of those "oohh...let's go look at the world's biggest ball of yarn" kind of trips. Would it be okay for us to just travel with a basic AAA highway map? We're thinking one week to get out there, one week to get back. Also, if anyone would like to offer any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate it (ie "check out the giant chickens in Iowa")! Thanks a lot for your help!


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    imported_Brandon Guest

    Default Road Trip

    hey hey. well if I lived in north Carolina I'd want to get away too. Anyways, I'm looking at a map and on my way west here's what I see. Leave Winston-Salem, Day 1 = Nashville. It's a cool city where I found alot to do besides counting cowboy hats. Day 2, Check out St. Louis. Gateway Arch and Mississippi River. Day 3 drive through Kansas and the wheatfields. Chase tornados and take your picture with Dorothy in Liberal, Kansas. Day 4 Enter the Rockies and find a cool campground to stay at. Day 5 White Water Rafting, Hiking, whatever you like to do. Day 6 & 7 I dunno if your 21 or not but I'm not but Tropicana let's 18+ stay their. So hit up Las Vegas. Day 8. San Francisco. If you have time stop by SF and get the cheapest hotel in Union Square and San Fran has it all so you gotta see it.
    Day 9 or 10. Southern California. Go to Magic Mountain or Universal Studios, or go down to Orange County or San Diego and camp at Doheny Beach in Dana Point or San Elijo in SD for a few days. Go to the beach and enjoy the perfect weather basically. Day 11/12 Start heading east. I'd either stop @ Carlsbad Caverns or Roswell, New Mexico, or if you'd rather see the Grand Canyon see that. Another thing is Schlitterbahn's Waterpark in San Antonio. The #1 waterpark in America. Also on the way home would be New Orleans. Once there you have a day's drive home so that's just over 2 weeks. There ya go !! Have Fun !!!

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    Default Good resource

    One of the best resources for that kind of thing is:

    <a href="">RoadSideAmerica</a>

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