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    Default Hawaiians in Boston going to Atlantic City

    We are new to "road trips", the island of Oahu is only so large. My wife and I just moved to Boston and we need to drive to Atlantic City this week. Any advice or sights to see along the way? How much are tolls going that way? Is it possible to visit Six Flags Great America, NJ on the way? Mahalo in advance for any advice you have, Stan

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    Default Slow and easy

    There are plenty of posts on this Forum about driving tips for snow and ice (use the Search button on the top of this page), but in general, slow and smooth should be your watchwords for driving in the icy stuff.

    There are plenty of cool things to check out on the way to Atlantic City. You could stop by for quick bite at "Fire & Ice" in Providence, RI with their 35-foot central grill ( If hamburgers are a preference -- Louis' Lunch near New Haven, CT is the supposed birth place of the hambuger. Bridgeport, CT is home of the Barnum Circus museum.

    So much to see in NYC -- how long will you have for this journey? Actually this a great time of year to find discount broadway shows.

    There are three parks at the Six Flags complex, but I think most of them are closed this time of year. Maybe some of our local posters have current info?

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    Default Weekend Drive

    Thanks for the info and suggestions. We only have the 4 days to make the roundtrip. So if there's anything along the 95south that we could quickly jump off the interstate that would be great. NYC, we've made a few trips there to Manhattan over the years. We love it, but we don't know anything about New Jersey or the Jersey costal drive that we'll be taking. We love the restaurant will be a great option for us. We love broadway shows...Does anyone recommend any shows at the Atlantic City Casino/Hotels?

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