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    Sir Paul Neville Guest

    Default LA to CO

    Hello this is Paul from London England.

    We are off to Las Vegas in June 2004 and were looking for advise for our trip. We are going from LV through Utah to Grand Junction, Colarado but on the way back we would like to take in the Grand Canyon. Could anyone help us with a route back please.

    many thanks
    Sir Paul Neville

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    Default Million Dollar Highway

    There are plenty of gorgeous options for you. US-50 to Montrose would give you access to visiting Black Canyon of the <a href = "">Gunnison National Park</a> and then you could retrace your route to US-550 and follow the incredible <a href = "">Million Dollar Highway</a> to Durango. The <a href = "">train ride</a> is very cool!

    Then zag westward and check out Mesa Verde National Park and Hovenweep National Monument with a stop at the famous Four Corners point. Than follow route 163 to US-163 and drive the magnificent Monument Valley (be sure to take the side trip to the Navajo Tribal Park).

    Pick up US-160 at Kayenta and then zing over to US-89 to the road to the South Rim (Bob has a number of superb posts about places to stay while visiting the south rim). Then return to I-40 at Williams and back to Las Vegas.


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    Default Suggestions

    Sir Paul: Almost any route you take between these two points is going to be a spectacular drive. Here are a couple of my own favorites.

    1. Grand Junction to Grand Canyon: US50 east to SR141, SR141 south to junction with SR90, SR90 west to Paradox, becoming SR46 in Utah to US191. South on US191 to Bluff, then US163 south into Arizona ending at Kayenta. Take US160 southwest to either the South Rim via US89 and SR64, or to the North Rim via SR98, US89 (south), US89A, and SR67. (I'd do both if you can -- they are similar in scenery but each has a different "flavor." North Rim is much more remote, a bit more rustic, less visited (also more limited services). The elevation is about 1000 feet or so higher than the south rim.) Getting to Las Vegas from there is simple, and depends on which rim you end up on. From North Rim, go back up SR67 to US89, and follow it to Kanab and Utah SR9 through Zion National Park to Hurricane, St George and I-15 to Las Vegas. Or, from the South Rim, take US180 south to I-40, west to US93 at Kingman and follow US93 to Las Vegas.

    2. Grand Junction to Grand Canyon: US50 east to US550, south to Durango, US160 west to US89, and to the Grand Canyon as in option 1 above.

    Each of these routes has its attractions. With the first one, you get spectacular scenery along the entire route, and these other points of interest along the way; Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Valley of the Gods, Goosenecks State Park (near Mexican Hat), Monument Valley, Navajo National Monument, (and Canyon de Chelly is nearby and highly recommended).

    Option two has... spectacular scenery along the entire route... and high-altitude Rocky Mountain driving (an attraction in itself), the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge RR, Mesa Verde National Park, and Navajo National Monument.

    If you have more questions (I hope you do), feel free to fire back. This is but a sample of the available choices and things to see -- there is too much to fit into one post. Bob

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    Sir Paul Neville Guest


    Thanks for input if I have questions I will contact. Have a good christmas


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    Sir Paul,

    Its good to see a fellow member of the elite class of Jolly Old England planning a visit to the colonies.

    Try for information on routes and attractions in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

    Duchess Brian

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    Nora Gump Guest

    Default Summer 2004 roadtrip

    Hi everyone! In celebration of graduating with our Master degrees, my two friends and I have decided to take a road trip from Winston-Salem, NC to wherever we end up on the West coast. Last summer we took a road trip up the East Coast (DC, Philly, NYC, Asbury Park, NJ), but we had directions and maps and all that good stuff. Basically, I'm wondering if it's okay for us to just travel with a basic highway map. We don't really want to plan anything, just want it to be sort of a "oohh..let's go look at the giant ball of yarn" kind of trip. If anyone has any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it!


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