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    Im thinking on going on a roadtrip this sommer. And Im thinking of buying a car like an older cadillac Eldorado, Deville or Seville
    1.How much do I have to pay to get a "reliable" one?
    and how honest are the average carsales man? or is it better to buy it from a private saler
    2.How much does the insurance and regestation cost if am 20, not from the us and how long time does it take?


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    Two websites that will give you an idea of prices for used cars are: and

    Those are nice cars but gas could get expensive if you're traveling far.

    There are a lot of jokes about "honest" car salesmen. You are always taking your chances whether you buy from a dealer or a private person. Many people have a good mechanic check out the car for a nominal fee before purchasing to try to avoid lemons.

    I have no idea how someone who is not a resident of the US can buy a car. There are other threads on this issue. YOu might do a search here and you may find your answer.


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