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    Default jersey to CA, best way to go?

    hey, im going from south jersey to nashville to denver then sandiego.
    anybody know good campgrounds on the way? im trying to get to each place in the least amount of time. if anybody has any routs or tips it would be appreciated, thanks Andy

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    Default Interstates

    This looks like about a 6 day drive, ballpark. There are many other route options as well, but if I were pressed for time, I'd probably use this combination: Fastest way is mostly or all interstates. Get over to I-81 and use that and I-40 to get to Nashville, then up to I-64 from Nashville and take it to St Louis, pick up I-70 to Denver from there. From Denver, I-70 west to I-15, then I-15 to San Diego. (My original thought was I-25, I-40 & I-8, but sometimes I forget that not EVERY route west needs to come through AZ! I suspect I-70 and I-15 will be faster in this instance).


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