For almost two years now I've been planning and saving for a year long North American Road Trip. I personally rebuilt a 5spd Dodge Caravan from lugnuts to pistons and have it ready for the road with a 20ft cargo box, 2 full size spares, and more. I have no debts, monthly bills, or responsibilities now. I've managed to stockpile a good amount of dough, and should be up to around $8-10k by the time I leave. It's taken me awhile to do, but I'll be heading west from Massachusetts May 1st, 2004.

I plan on doing alot of hiking at National Parks and touring capital cities, hitting Alaska for the month of August, driving all over Mexico from DEC'04 - FEB'05, and returning home April of '05.

I have a couple people with me for roughly 2 months of the trip, but I'm looking into possibilities of picking up like minded people along the way. All you'll have to do is buy your own food, split tolls/fill-ups at the stations (the van gets 35mpg), and be able to get home when you decide to split off from my course (I can drop you at a bus station). Only extra cost would be if more than one person wants to come at any given period. We will have to stop at a junkyard, and you will need to split the cost of a rear bench seat (about $50ea) as I have removed both from the caravan for space.

Heres some more info about me.
I'm 21 years old, male, non-smoker/non-drug user. I drink socially now and then, but no more than a couple beers. Politically I'm an independant, and love intelligent debates on almost any topic. My hiking pace is average, about 2mph + 1/2hr per 1000ft of elevation gain. I speak enough Spanish to crudely get by, so no worries in Mexico. I'd like anyone accompanying me to Mexico to have a passport to make things easier than fumbling with papers. Religiously I'm an agnostic, and have no problems with any religion/race/sex/culture.

This will not be a motel to motel style trip. Most of the "on-the-road" sleeping will be done in the van with the seats leaned back. You can buy whatever food you want, but I will be grocery shopping most of the time unless in capital cities. I have a large cooler and a mini fridge, coleman stove, and all required camp equipment. You will need your own backpacking equipment. I plan on hitting a motel once a week for shower services, in which case it will be the cheapest available (which you will need to chip, probably $35 or so). The rest of the week will be rag-baths/showers at gas-stations/truck stops. Depending on local costs in Mexico, I may spend a few nights a week in motels. Hostels are definetly an option chosen over Motels.

eMail me if any of this strikes a chord, and we can discuss things further. If you live way out of the way of my path of travel, you may need to get a bus to meet me.