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    Default Mexican Hat Utah to Durango Colorado

    Does anyone have any experience with Rt.'s 191 and 160 from Mexican Hat Utah to Durango Colorado? What kind of roads are they? (they look flat on the terrain map) Driving at a spirited pace, how long would the trip take? Thanks

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    Default Winter or Summer?


    Spirited driving? I like that. Anyway, if there is any chance of relative moisture there will be ice in spots on that route in the winter months. Spirited driving on black ice takes on a whole new meaning! Plus snow is ALWAYS a possibilty as you near Mesa Verde and points north.

    I hope being in Mexican Hat means that you are going to explore Monument Valley and, in particular, the Navajo Tribal Park?

    Why are you taking US-191 instead of UT-163 to 262 to US-160 -- Pretty western country! Also Mesa Verde in the snow is really special. So take a look if you have time.

    Cortez to Durango in the winter months -- I doubt you would want to drive faster than about 60 mph.

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