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    Default Driving from Atlanta, GA to Portland OR

    I'm planning on going from Atlanta to Portland in early February. Does anyone have recommendations on routes and safety precautions I can take? I'll be travelling in a 1994 Toyota Corrola. I'm a bit nervous about the drive because I don't want to hit potentially life-threatening weather, but with the right preparation I know it will be a great drive.

    If you have any advice, I'd be much appreciative. Thanks.

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    It seems that every few weeks someone posts a question about safety. Run a search on this forum for the word "safety" and you'll get more advice than you'll ever need.

    It honestly all boils down to common sense anyway.

    Oh, and "life-threatening" weather? This isn't Jupiter. Any weather on Earth that can kill or hurt you will be visible for MILES before you're near it.


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    Default Sometimes it can surprise you!

    While I generally agree with AB's commentary -- a strong caveat should be considered. Twice I have been "put" in life-threatening situations due to rapid changes in local weather conditions that I couldn't detect. One was a flash-flood under a crystal blue sky (the offending thundercell was miles away) and another was a tornado that "sneaked" up on us near Detroit, Michigan.

    There is a very good book about <a href = "" >"Surviving Extreme Weather"</a> situations should you ever be similarily surprised.

    But in general, you will probably have tons of information about weather as you travel if you pay attention. Don't worry, it will be fine!

    As far as routes go -- I am not a fan of the Texas Hwy department in winter -- so I would recommend picking up I-40 in Memphis and when you reach Oklahoma City -- take a good look at the weather reports -- If snow and ice are a possibilty I would head North to I-70 and take I-70 over the Rockies to I-15 to I-84 into Portland.

    If the road looks reasonably dry for Texas -- I would suggest you continue on I-40 into California and then CA-58 over to I-5 <a href = "" >(via the Stockdale highway</a> and I-5 north to Portland.

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    Default Oh yeah...

    ...floods. LOL. Forgot about those.

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