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Thread: Who can I Call?

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    Default Who Can I Call?

    We are planning a cross country trip this summer. Is there a local organization, club etc. that we can call in each town, state, etc that could give us first hand knowledge on driving times, road conditions, etc. Basically, some place we can call where I can speak to someone who lives in the area of question that knows about the local roads. Nothing like first hand info. Thanks.

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    Default Nail Salons are founts of great intel


    RTA has considered implementing such a network like you describe -- but it is still in the thinking stages. Local sources of information that we use include:

    barbershops, nail salons, local bars, chamber of commerce, local AAA offices, forest service offices, churches, with nail salons being our all time best source of useful information.

    Some of the best and current information is found on this forum. The regular posters and a few hundred additional lurkers live throughout North America and requests for information about specific roads often generate excellent intel (case in point -- details about directions around recent storm damage in the Outer Banks of NC). Your Rogue river post will eventually generate more responses.

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