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    I'm looking at motel prices between Centralia and Kelso and noticing they are a bit high especially the closer you are to Kelso. Are there any really cheap cheap motels off Interstate 5 in this area ?

    The Closer To Kelso The Better.

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    Default Cheaper places

    You won't find the cheaper, independent places on the internet very often (if that's what you're looking for) -- but you should be able to find some in that area. I used to live near Scappoose, OR (on US30 north of Portland, just across the river and south of Longview and St. Helens). You should be able to find something easily in one of these communities, all fairly close to Kelso. The farther you get off the freeway, the better your chances of finding a bargain, although once you're on the road you may find "specials" at some of the freeway lodges as well (IMHO). Bob

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    Default I am a little confused?

    Is there a place called Centralia in Oregon? I know there is a Kelso between Boring and Sandy, Oregon which is a lot closer to Hwy 26 than I-5. I also know about Centralia, California near Gault which is closer to CA-99 and there is Kelso, California near I-15 but I know of no place where Kelso, Centralia and I-5 are close to one another.

    Oh --- My mistake -- learn something everyday -- Kelso, WA!

    In any case, Bob is probably correct -- the cheaper motels are found on the back-water roads that have been bypassed by the Interstate highway system. What price range equates "really cheap" in your estimation?


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    My budget would be anywhere from $40 down. I'll be coming from Yakima, Washington and will be spending the day in St. Helens, Oregon so I want to be fairly close when I wake up in the morning. Scappose is a little past St. Helens so I'd like to find a place between Kelso and St. Helens. Are there cheapies along that stretch of Highway 30. Prescott, Gobie, Deer Island ??

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    Default check the web

    You can search for hotels at the hotel websites like,,, and are just some lower-priced chain websites to check out.

    Super 8 has a hotel in Kelso but it's rate is about $49. $44 with AAA membership.

    I found an Econolodge in Woodland, WA, for $40.49.

    I agree with the other posters that cheap, mom-and-pop accomodations are more easily found off the interstate. But hope this gives you some idea on where to search.

    Good luck!

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