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    Hi - Before I took my first road trip alone, I came on this board and asked some questions. There was someone here named Monica (or something similar) that I used to email from the board. Well, I misplaced her email address. I wanted to find about her road trip and also tell her about mine.

    I went from California to Florida back in Sept 2002. In the process I got over all the fears I had of traveling alone! In fact, I'm planning another trip in January since I'm not working right now and all my stuff is still in storage. Perfect time to leave!!!

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    We are pleased that your first road trip adventure went well. And would love to hear more about the journey.

    I used the Search utility (red button -- top of this page) and I believe the woman's name was Monique Wassner. If you look up threads using her name as the author you can find her e-mail address.


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    Donna Guest


    Hi Mark -

    Thanks for finding her!!!

    I'll write about my trip soon. :)

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