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    Default Short Bus Road Trip

    My friends and I are hoping to take a massive road trip after we graduate from college and circumvent the entire United States as a last hurrah before we head to opposite parts of the globe and enter the "real world." Six of us were hoping to purchase a decommissioned short bus, fix it up a little and sleep in it most of the way. I read the suggestions about sleeping in a van and other vehicles, but is this option a little too obvious for most places? Any suggestions on the trip as a whole would be welcome as we are still in the checking feasibility stage of this endeavor.

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    Default Too vague for specifics

    Your plans are too vague for me to give you specifics. Maybe as you get things more detailed, you can come back and ask for specific help. So, in the meantime, I suggest you read through previous threads and get hints from them. Lots of good stuff here. Also check out the "Roadtrip Planning" section. Also lots of good stuff in that area.

    As far as sleeping in a bus...I would think Wal-Mart parking lots would work just fine for this since big motorhomes overnight there.

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    Default BUS TRIP

    BONER: Gert and I have used a school bus for travel. we enjoyed living on the road with it, some thoughts 1. bus can be purchased on e-bay all the time. 2. they are slow going 3. we lived in them all over the place we stayed away from tourist areas no problems. 5. a bus draws a litte "hippie" attitude positive and negative we found it amusing most of the time. 6. a used rv that has a little inside damage can be had inexpesivly a some work will make it very usable, it just isn't as funky as a bus. enjoy your trip Geo & Gert

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