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    I am planning a trip from NY to LA in about 4 / 5 Months for febuary or march 2004. Would like to first go up to toronto then back south through to florida and finally accross to LAs vegas and finally LA. Was just wondering about any probems i might have with weather. I am fro england so am used to rain but not sure how much it will snow at that time of year.

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    Wishing you a great trip. No one in Canada or the U.S. is ever sure what the weather will be exactly like in the winter either. I continue to be amazed at the weather reports I hear and what it looks like out my window. However doing x-country driving you need to be aware of them.

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    Hey there :) I've lived in New Hampshire, NYC, and Georgia, so I'll share what I know.
    New England/New York, and as far south as northern North Carolina during those months will be a bitter cold, unless the sun shines and makes it a whopping 40 degrees Fahrenheit :) Not so nice. Snow is to be expected, as is slush, and ice depending on the chill. In New England, winter isn't over til nearly May, so it'll be cold, and likely snowy (or leftover snowy) in March.

    You will love Georgia and Florida though - in MARCH it gets up into the high 70F degrees. It's lovely. The grass gets greener, there are palm trees, and you can go out in shorts and short sleeves. My birthday is in March, and for my 18th I travelled from New York to Disney in Florida and went from freezing to having to put on sunblock and tank tops in the same month. Another March birthday, I spent at Hilton Head, South Carolina and went to the ocean in shorts with no problem. So bring a change of clothes!

    I don't know enough about anything west of these places to tell you about cold/snow there. But it snows into February and March, easy, down to the Carolinas. When you stop for gas in the lower regions of South Carolina is where you start noticing a change.

    Hope that helps a little...

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