&gt; Darrell,<BR>
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&gt; What is being shown in image #16 -- <BR>
&gt; some kind of a ground?<BR>

That is the old antenna mount, so yes, it is a ground. I just haven't removed it yet. I made it out of 1/8" x 1" flat metal bar and bolted it to a frame bolt up under the bumper The mount is a sqaured-off U-shape that I bent in a vise. I installed it with my 102" stainless whip on it (read: looks like an RC car 1:1 scale), but welded some more bar on the sides to make it more rigid. The antenna still looked too conspicuous and bounced a lot, so I took it off and installed a 5' fiberglass Wilson Silverload antenna that you see on the edge of the trunk.

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&gt; Same question for <BR>
&gt; #27?<BR>

That is a close-up shot of a 3/8" thread antenna mount with stud connector instead of a PL connector, which is the normal kind of coax connector. I was planning on using the stud-type connector, but haven't bothered yet.

You can see the same mount in picture #25.

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&gt; Clever putting the transceiver on an <BR>
&gt; angle.<BR>

Thanks. It's in the way of the passenger's legs a little bit, especially anyone over 5'6". I rode in that seat a couple weeks ago when my gf wanted to drive because she hadn't driven a stick shift in so long. I'm 6' and it's in the way of the normal resting position of my left leg if I don't put it straight-out extended all the way. Otherwise, it's fine. She's 5'2" I think and she never complains about it.

Since the installation I have installed a small Radio Shack external speaker on my dash facing right at me. It only blocks the upper range of my tachometer, so it's fine. I can hear a lot better than that bottom-fire speaker shooting into the center console.

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&gt; Thanks for the photos.<BR>
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No prob. If you want more, let me know! And feel free to knock my CB "advertisement" off the board if you want. I don't want to step over or stretch any boundaries :)