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    Default NJ to California Historic Route 66

    I am planning to take a road trip from New Jersey to california during the 2 week of Christmas. I would like to know the general road conditions during this time of the year and also the places of tourist interest enroute. I have around 16 days of travel time.I'm planning to take Historic Route 66 from IL. Thanks in advance for the responses

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    Default Route 66

    I assume you know that 66 is no longer a continuos route. It has many stops and starts. I was fortunate enough to have traveled it more then once when it was continuos and have some good memories of it. Winter driving in the higher elevations can be less then fun but like everything else good common sense applies. Good luck.

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    Default 16 Days -- Roundtrip?

    Weather conditions? It could be sunny, snowing, raining, and probably all three depending on where you are on that route. Is your trip a roundtrip? If so, that is a whole bunch of slow miles you are considering.

    Be sure to look at our <a href = "">Route 66 pages</a>, the Rte 66 carvan drove the entire route a few weeks ago -- including those sections that no longer paved.

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    Default NJ to California

    Hey John,

    Not much to offer her except that we moved from NJ to California when I was 6 years old (am now 42)in a beat up station wagon pulling a starcraft tent trailer. It was one of the best trips that I have ever been on and will remember it for the rest of my life.
    Have a good time!

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