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    Default Perfect Roadtrip Van

    I'm going on an extended least 2 years. Does anyone have any recomendations for the perfect roadtrip van or car?
    It's me, my boyfriend and my dog.
    We like the cargo van but not the gas milage it gets. My car gets awesome gas milage, but is pretty small.

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    Default Anything goes

    This has been discussed quite often on these forums and I don't think anyone agrees on the perfect traveling rig. From motorcyles, to small cars, to vans, to SUVs, to RVs...all will find proponents here.

    I have done roadtrips in my car with my dog, sometimes my husband or a kid or 2, in my New Beetle. We have been fine for camping trips up to 2 weeks but it does require creative packing!

    I have a friend who did a 9-week roadtrip (camping most nights) from Alaska, coast-to-coast in the continental US, and then back to Alaska with her 2 kids in a New Beetle. She used one of those storage boxes (rocket pocket?) shaped kinda like a fat surfboard on the top of her car. It carried a ton of gear and allowed for plenty of room in the car for things they wanted quicker access to.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is, if you prefer the gas mileage on your smaller vehicle, there is a way to make it work. Frankly, I think it's worth the trade-off for less space as you will probably be able to travel more with due to needing to buy less gas. However, you will be giving up the option of sleeping comfortably in your vehicle that way.

    The choice is your's! There's no perfect roadtrip vehicle. Enjoy your trip and let us know how it went. Judy

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    Default Two years?

    A two-year roadtrip is a lifestyle -- for that reason, I would urge you to consider a RV (class C or mini). Living out of a van or SUV gets pretty old after six months!

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    Default Van and trailer

    I agree that living out of a van or small car will be hard to do for two years.

    Have you considered a trailer to tow with the van. Yes, you will get a little worse mileage, but in a two year period you will probably be spending several nights in one location. You need to compare the cost of gas for the small car but add in the cost of lodging at motels and eatting out vs the cost of gas for the van, campground fees and being able to cook your own meals.

    With a trailer your lodging will be a lot cheaper if not free in some places like Wal Mart Parking lots. Many private campgrounds give weekly or monthly rates. National Parks, National Forest, National Monuments and State and Municipal campgrounds are cheaper than private campgrounds. Our average cost for campgrounds is around $15 per night.

    You will be able to cook your own meals in a trailer and save a LOT of money there too!

    You won't have to load and unload your vehicle every time you move to a different location. Once you are at a location that you will be spending time at, you can drive around in just the van. Trailers have good resale values. If you decide to get a trailer, look around for a nice used one.


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    I've known a few adventurous souls who have lived out of cars or vans for long periods. I agree that it would be more of a hassle but it's doable if the budget demands it.

    Another thing to consider is purchasing a very small pop-up trailer. You could even go as light-weight as the kind towed behind motorcyles. Or get a teardrop trailer. These can all be towed behind small cars and don't weigh much so the decreased gas mileage won't be much of an extra expense. Just a thought.

    If you are planning on being in areas where it gets cold in the winter, I agree that a regular trailer might be your best bet. But if you're planning on following the sun, these other options should work just fine. IMHO, of course.

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    Default the perfect road trip vehicle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's a trike , you get to ride in the open / with more comfort and safety than a m/c. you are part of the enviroment not just riding thru it.

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