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    Default San Jose to Seattle

    I am planning to take a road trip from San Jose to Seattle during the week of Christmas. I would like to know the general road conditions during this time of the year and also the places of tourist interest enroute. I have around 7-8 days of travel time.
    Thanks in advance for the responses.

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    I-5 in No CA and So OR can be snowy and icey if it's very cold. If there is snow in those areas and you want to avoid it, you might try heading out to the coast where most icey conditions wear off after a bit of traffic.

    Most other parts of I-5 will only have ice in the mornings, if at all. If it's cold enough, you may have black that can't be seen but is just enough to be slippery, so watch your speed.

    This really varies but, for the most part, ice is not a problem in the PNW along I-5. However, it is much colder this fall than normal and there has been more ice/snow this year than normal as well so I would check out the various DOT sites for the states you are traveling through to be sure.

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    Default Underground Seattle?

    Judy, every time I see your posts about Seattle, I wonder if the "underground" portions of Seattle are still there and open to tourists, and if so are they worth seeing? Are you familiar with them? Bob

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    Default Underground Tour

    Yeah, it's still going. In fact, we hadn't been on it for about 15 years and did it again about a year ago. I don't think the tour has changed since the last time but I think they added a little museum/gift shop at the end. At least I don't remember that from before. Here's the link...but be forewarned there's not much info there but enough to get you there! Have fun.

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