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    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip next year, from about late August till October, or however our trip progresses. As of right now we don't have many of the details down, but what I am asking for help on is supplies - what will we need?? We're thinking that Christmas could be perfect if we could get a few things for the trip and stash them away.
    Any details that might be help:
    1.We're planning on taking his Explorer as of right now. Unless a suggestion is to rent an RV? That would change our list completely, if we decide to do so.
    2.The places we know we are going to hit along the way: leaving PA - going up to Boston - down thru Chicago - the California coast - and back.
    3. We're poor college kids that will have graduated by the time we take this trip!

    Any suggestions could help. We appreciate it!

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    Default Nope, I wouldn't do an RV if you are on a budget.

    This one will likely elicit some protests, but I can't see how renting an RV would save you any money. Any time I have checked into the possibilities of renting one, I have found the costs to be rather high, not only for the rental but for mileage charges. If costs weren't a consideration, they're a great way to travel, but you'll be able to go much cheaper in the Explorer. Other threads here can give you help on traveling expenses and how to save money -- basically, eat your own food, find cheap accommodations (reservations won't be needed most places that time of year), or search for hostels. Do some camping in the warmer places. Bob

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    Default Motorhomes are expensive to rent.

    I would forget about renting an RV if money is tight. They are VERY expensive to rent and they get terrible gas milage.

    I would put sleeping bags, campstove and lantern on your Christmas wish lists and do a little camping and every so often spend a night in a motel.

    I would highly recommend Yellowstone and the all the National Parks of Utah on your list of things to see.


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    Thanks for the input, I've been researching it a bit too and have found results that are exactly in line with what I have heard on here - RV's are very expensive.

    I appreciate the help, thanks again!


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