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    Sara Mednick Guest

    Default b-day road trip wish

    its my b-day this weekend and i wanted to drive away from my home (san diego) and into a curious quixotic conundrum.
    do you have any ideas for an adventure?
    maybe up around san francisco
    or east...
    maybe catch a few crop circles or check out the spot someone was brutally murdered by vampires
    or a ufo landing area
    or a long drive through sleepy forgotten towns that make sassafras honey...
    any ideas??

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    Default Happy Birthday!

    There is a long-standing conundrum at the Race Track Playa in Death Valley. Stones have been sliding there for hundreds of years and no one really knows how or why they do it. Some of these stones are huge > 300 lbs and they can move 100 feet in a season.

    Shoe Trees aren't all that strange, but you might find the <a href = "">Bra Tree<a/> near Rice, California worth checking out.

    Actually, not strange at all -- but the place I would go for roadtrip birthday - is the "Little Eden" hot pool found on a ledge over-looking the Mono Hot Springs at roads end northeast of Fresno. Ferns, soft bottom, an un-matched view of the Sierras...

    Um -- I do know of something strange. The Kokoweef Caverns are supposed to be the gateway to a vast underground river and a vein of incredibly-rich gold -- the mountain is considered to be "cursed" in local tribal lore and it is only three miles from I-15 near Las Vegas. Go there only at your own risk...

    And another opportunity worth of birthday roadtrip -- not really strange -- but certainly different -- would be a visit to the <a href = "">Sekhmet Temple</a> near Cactus Springs, Nevada. The celebrations happen on Full Moons and New Moons -- only women are allowed to attend on New Moons.

    Have fun!


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    Sara Mednick Guest


    thanks so much for your reply
    i will look into these adventurous propects
    ah birthdays!
    take care

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