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    Joecar Guest

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    What's a good place to visit in northern indiana?

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    Northern Indiana is mostly interstate highway towns and the like. There is one amazing spot I can recommend, but only during warmer times of year. You'll find Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore about thirty miles or so east of the Illinois border. It's a fairly scenic area with large sand dunes surrounding Lake Michigan. I stopped there for a picnic lunch about three summers ago on my way from Minneapolis to New York. A short, semi-rigorous climb up the dunes led to an expansive beach descending to the lake.

    Other than that, you can check out Notre Dame's campus if that sort of thing interests you. It's located in South Bend, right off I-80, and not very far from Indiana Dunes.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Joecar Guest

    Default I-80

    thanks AB!

    i'm actually travelling thru interstate 80 from PA to IL and i'm looking for nice spots (short exits from i-80) where i could take a short rest and enjoy the place as well.

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    Default Wanna some HOT wings?

    One such stop-over would be the fire engine <a href = "">hot Wings</a> at Quaker Steak & Lube and then some maybe admire the
    <a href = "">Chocolate creations</a> in Sharon, PA.

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    Joecar Guest

    Default wings, choco

    i've checked the web sites and they look good. thanks mark.

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    Default Northern Indiana

    Shipshewana and the surronding area is great Amish country. I enjoyed this area much more than the Amish country in PA because it wasn't as touristy. If you can travel this area between May and October you MUST arrange a Tuesday or Wednesday visit so you can visit the Shipshewana Auctions/Fleamarket. It is absolutely AMAZING and FUN!

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    Default Amish farmer

    I ran into an Amish farmer at a farmer's market in Muncie a couple months back. He had absolutely wonderful tomatoes. My friend asked him where he had come from (she lives in that area and wondered where his farm was). He answered... "Indiana." :)

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