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    I have a CB radio in every vehicle I own. I love having a CB for talking with truckers, getting local information, and just the general entertainment. Not to mention the information on the location of Smokey Bears and traffic jams.

    So how many of you roadtrippers also have a CB radio. I just can't stand to be without one in my car or truck!

    My Mazda Protege looks like a radio-controlled car with a 102" stainless steel whip antenna flying off of a bracket near the bumper. The radio I use in that car is a 1995 Cobra 25 WX.

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    So you do find one helpful? I have thought about getting one but don't want to mount a permanent antennae to my car. Do the ones with the magnetic attennaes work OK?

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    Hi there!

    I have my CB on just about all the time while I am in my car. I just like having it on. I like hearing the conversations and being able to help driver's with local information. On the highway it is indispensible. I guess you just have to use one to understand :)

    If you are at all handy, you can simply wire the CB power wires (power and ground) to a cigarette lighter adapter and plug it in. You might be able to find a place to mount it that isn't permanent.

    Another option that you might like to look into is the Cobra 75WXST. It is a CB that has everything build right into the hand piece.

    As for the magnetic mount antenna, that is usually a separate purchase from the CB radio itself. They work well and lots of CB enthusiasts use them. Wilson 1000K or Wilson 5000K seem to be the most popular ones out there. The best place to mount any antenna is the center of the roof, but the trunk works fine if you don't want it on top of the car.

    Before you use the antenna, make sure you tune the antenna for a good SWR. Any CB radio shop should be able to tune if for you for about $5. I have an SWR meter so I can do mine own. is a good place to poke around for info. Try searching before posting questions, but everyone there is friendly.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!!

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    Default CB Radio is required equipment

    We figure that a CB radio has saved our life at least twice on the road. Plus it has brought us a number of friends we might not have met in other ways. One of the RTA Guides, <a href = ""> Mike Booth,</a> "came to us" via CB Radio one night when we were stuck on I-40 a couple hundred other truckers.

    In addition to the information of the poster above, be sure to check out the <a href = ""> RTA CB section</a>.

    While we prefer the Wilson antennas, there is a hand-held Cobra unit we like (also featured on this week's home page).

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