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    amy jo Guest

    Default san francisco to new york

    hi im just wondering if anybodys ever done this trip during late dec. any info would be very going to be my first time trying this out. thanks a lot.

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    Default Late December

    I have done the trip both ways several times at different times. You will notice it getting progressively colder as you head out of California. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears tuned to the weather.

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    Even if you are traveling in late December, when snow and ice can makes things difficult, you have nothing to worry about for your trip. You'll be on I-80 the entire way and there will be plenty of other cars around should anything go wrong. My best advice is to make sure you're prepared should anything go wrong with your car. That goes for any trip that takes you farther than 100 miles from home.

    Sign up with AAA if you're not already a member. They provide 24 hour roadside assistance (they've rescued me several times in remote locations) plus AAA provides its members with free maps, tourbooks, and rudimentary camping guides for anywhere in North America.

    Other than that, you can make sure your spare tire, jack, and jumper cables are in good repair; keep a gallon of drinking water in your car; and in the winter months, a warm blanket is not a terrible idea. In nearly all likelihood you won't need your emergency items, but you're always better to be safe than sorry.

    If you want particulars about the route (I know it well), let me know.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    amy jo Guest

    Default san francisco to ny

    does anyone know a quick way to do this? things to avoid? any thing will help...

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    Take I-80 over the Bay Bridge and stay on it. A good first day should bring you across the Nevada border, through Reno, and on to one of the eastern Nevada "interstate towns." I'm jogging my memory (too lazy to look at a map) but I think Elko and Wells are two towns with plenty of motel choices.

    You don't have to avoid anything in particular, but just be sure to stay ahead of the game when it comes to weather reports. There are going to be long stretches of the drive that are "boring" to some drivers, but try to enjoy the varying landscapes and definitely respect the speed limits. It's not like I-5 where you can do 82 in a 65 with no worries...try to stay within five mph of the limits. You'll be saving yourself a great deal of potential trouble.


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