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    thinking of driving to toronto from san francisco. any tips?

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    Are you looking for the most direct route and getting there quick -- or do you want to see a little of the off-interstate country?

    Looking at what's in between, if I were doing this, I'd take in some of the Sierras country, Logan and Bear Lake in Utah, Grand Teton and Yellowstone in Wyoming, the Black Hills and the Badlands in South Dakota, then the Amana Colonies in Iowa, before going through Chicago (for barbecue at Carson's!) and on into Canada at Detroit/Windsor (or some selection of these as time permits). In Detroit, I'd visit the Maritime Sailor's Cathedral.

    If what you want is speed and economy, then it's I-80 all the way (for me) to Chicago, then east to Detroit and Toronto from there, as it is most direct for your route and my favorite of the transcon interstate routes.

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