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    Default Cali hotspots

    any interesting/odd places to visit in California? We're taking 1/101 all the way up the coast, so prefferably in that area.


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    The oddest stop I can think of is the Oregon Vortex just a bit from the coast in southern Oregon. Winchester House is interesting and odd in San Jose. There's also a Prehistoric Gardens somewhere in Oregon. Don't remember where but it is on or near the coast. It's odd but tacky with fiberglass dinosaurs.

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    Default dinosaurs

    thanks for the trip down memory lane!! i was barely 3 the first time we stopped at those dinosaurs. i vividly remember being terrified of them lol!!

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    Default Me, too :-)

    I saw them as a kid and thought they were soooo scary. Took my kids there and we all laughed at 'em. Kids are far more sophisticated these days then when I was a kid.

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    Default Surfer's Museum and Memorial

    One of the best places to watch surfers strut their stuff is <a href = "">Steamer Lane</a> in Santa Cruz California --

    The <a href = "">Wave Organ</a> is one of our favorites for out-of-the-way places.

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