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    I am planning a month long cross country road trip for the summer and I'm not sure if I'm going to have a partner. I am thinking of doing it myself. How many of you think that is a good idea?

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    Only you can answer this question. Are you the kind of person that likes to be with others all the time? Or do you enjoy spending time with yourself?

    I often travel alone, and always enjoy it. You can plan your day exactly how you want and on your own schedule, without any responsibility to get along with someone else or compromise on the activities for that day. You may also meet more people along the way -- if you are traveling with others, you sometimes tend to be focused on them rather than strangers and your surroundings. You can listen to your own music, all the time! (And sing along without offending anyone...)

    On the other hand, traveling with a compatible companion gives you other benefits, not the least of which is sharing the experience.

    Give it a shot, if you think you'd like it (solo travel). If you decide traveling alone is not for you, you can always turn around and go back home!

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