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    Default single woman traveling alone

    i'm considering a trip from coast to coast in a new westfalia van next summer but am a bit concerned about my vulnerability out there alone. should it be much of a concern? any advice?

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    Default A Frequent Topic Here


    The first bit of advice -- use the Search Utility on the top of this page. Use solo as the search word and select all topics -- the search will yield 34 threads on solo travel about 1/2 of the posters are women -- You will get a wealth of good tips and ideas.

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    Yes, this issue has been discussed a lot here. I think the consensus has been that as long as one uses common-sense and stays out of vulnerable situations, a single woman is safe traveling alone. I know I have never had any problems on my trips. The Editor is right, do a search and you will find lots of comments on this matter along with practical advice.

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