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    Default Pacific Coast Highway

    I'm writing from Mexicali, B.C. (Mexico). I'm really interested in driving the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to Washington. I would be starting my trip just across the border from Mexico and have no problem driving up to LA (I've done that a couple of times). From that point forward though, I have no idea what I would be getting into, except that it's supposed to be an amazing trip.
    I've considered renting a car and flying back. I have at least to weeks around Christmas and New Year, so time is no problem, but I'm going solo and it is a long drive. I'm just not sure if it's recommendable to do all that driving by myself.
    And last but not least, any comments on the weather?
    Some advice please, Andrea.

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    Default Go go go!

    My advice to you is, DO IT! You're going to love it. Others here will have advice for you on the drive, and you can search the site because that's a route for which there's been plenty of information posted here. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the encouragement Bob. Andrea.

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    I've driven long distances like that by myself or with a kid or 2 that weren't of driving age. It is no problem as long as you are alert to your body and take breaks when you are fatigued. There are so many places to stop and see that you will probably stop enough to stretch your legs. Sometimes that's all it takes to drive a bit longer.

    I think you will have a great time doing this drive. It will probably be extremely wet but all the better for watching the power of the ocean. Storm-watchers along the coast live for this. So bring good raingear and drive careful in the downpours!

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