I am looking for someone with a van or truck that can fit two bicycle trailers (not trailers that carry bikes- but small trailers that are designed to be pulled by a bicycle), in order to transport them from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA to PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYVLANIA. Check out www.biketaxiusa.com to see what trailers I'm talking about- they can fit snuggly into a mini-van, or nicely into the bed of a pick-up, or a cargo/full size van. I am currently in Philly - if you are near Philly and are up for a road trip, I'd come with you and pay for all gas, tolls, etc. and share the driving to pick them up and bring them back to Philly. If you are in South Florida, and you or you and a friend(s) are up for a road trip, I'd be happy to still pay for your gas, etc. if you could get the trailers up here to Philly.

Please reply if you have any questions or are at all interested, or know someone who might be... The bike trailers are ready to go, and I need them ASAP!