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    I would just like to say thanks for the replies and I do appreciate it. I am a young guy (21) , and kind of sick of doing the college thing and want something different. You all are much more in tuned with what I want to do as far as seeing what life is like elsewhere than most of the people around Missouri that I know. I was also wondering, do you all know where there is and really good towns to go as far as clubs and young people and such. while I am looking for everything, I also want to see what people my age are doing elsewhere, also. Thank you all.

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    I just did a search of this forum for references to "clubs" and have a short list for you. In no particular order: Toronto, Montreal, Cleveland, Calgary Stampede, Las Vegas, Key West, S. Padre Island, Newport Beach, etc.

    While not a club, our favorite watering hole for <a href = "">2nd best margaritas in the world</a> can be found at Vivian's in St. Charles, Missouri.

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