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    Just found this website today while planning another trip. We have been going on alot of trips in the last few years. My teenage sons are quite hard to please as most of them are. Usually we plan out trips because we are going to see someone(relative or friend) and then I try to plan some interesting places to stop at along the way.
    We have driven from Jacksonville to Seattle and back again in one years time. The first trip we drove pretty much straight through and didn't stop except to sleep. But on the return trip back to Jacksonville, we took about 2 weeks.
    We stopped in San Francisco and went to Alcatraz and Pier 39. Here is a hint about visiting Alcatraz, if your time is limited while in San Francisco, then you may want to order your tickets online at their site, because the tickets go fast. You can take the chance and by stand tickets and wait for an hour or 2, the stand by tickets are refundable. If you order your tickets online, do not be late, because you will also be waiting in the stand by line.
    Then our way to Las Vegas where we stayed for 4 days, my kids loved it there. Then we made our way to Houston Tx to see friends, we drove all night to get there. We actually like to drive at night, but you do need to know when you have had enough and need to stop. There isn't any reason to drive when you are exhausted, if you can't afford a hotel, pull over and take a rest.
    Then it was onto Jackson MS, where we stayed with family for a few days.
    All in all, it was a great trip, but it always good to get back home and stop living in a suitcase.
    Tonight we leave to go to Va Beach for labor day weekend. So, it will be a short trip.
    I love to travel, my husband is in the navy. We have lived in Florida, Colorado, Japan and Washington State. I love visiting new places, I just wish my children liked it as much as my husband and I always have.
    My kids don't complain too much, but what do they have to complain about, with a DVD player and playstation in the back seat. Of course they are never far from their CD players either.
    "Back on the road again", could certainly be my theme song.

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    Default Back on the Road again -- works

    Viginia Beach is fun place -- hopefully you will get some sunny weather. The Chamberlin Hotel is closed ( but the grounds and museum at Ft. Monroe are quite interesting. A local has made a great site detailing some of the things to be found there:

    Enjoy your holiday!

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