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    Default auto museums in Northern or southern California

    Taking a road trip up 395 to top of California, over to the coast and down to the south again. Like interesting things to visit. Especially antique autos or train places. Ideas?

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    Default A great reason for a roadtrip!

    First, I would suggest looking at our Trains page: for both articles and links to our favorite train runs.

    In addition to the V&T Railroad excursion, you might enjoy hanging in Virginia City a while. Try and stay after the day-tour busses leave. It is still a real town and the mood shifts after 4:30 pm every day.

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    Default It is not automotive but it is an amazing contraption

    On your way south again, check out the lumber mill at Scotia, ( -- the bark stripping machine is a wonder to behold.

    Actually on your way north you might consider a detour to Las Vegas and check out the auto collection at the Imperial Palace (there is some question about how long it will continue to exist and is certainly worth seeing before it is broken up!)

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    J T Richardson Guest

    Default Car Musuems

    Well its not in CA, but if you ever get to Murdo SD, check out the Pioneer Village Auto Museum. It is a real Trip! There are examples of almost every mechanical contraption you can think of. Car, trucks, farm machinery, it goes on and on. The only thing not so good here is the restaurant. It is not good. I don't mean any disrespect to the staff there , the food is bad. If the place gets busy, Service goes down the tubes. The souvenir shop is well stocked, and reasonably priced. It is a real long drive across SD, so this is one of the places one should check out. Happy motoring!

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    I agree! Stopped there on the way to Yellowstone back in 1997, loved the way he had the old town buildings used as a display. Some pretty sweet original condition muscle cars in there, too!

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