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    cara Guest

    Default new york to san fran-2 ladies in 20's

    We are looking to find people with similar travelling interests and a car preferably.
    We intend to travel through the month of October. We want a trip that will allow us to see more than the typical bus/train routes .We intend to keep the trip as cheap as possible -camping it/cheapo hostels etc and eating butter sandwiches(though i have to say -not all the time). a few places we'd like to see are nashville /memphis/new orleans/vegas/baha/then move up along the coast to san francisco and all those othe little towns/villages that make america that bit more interesting.

    Can anyone recommend any extremely cheap bus tours/coaches/we could try if we cannot find friends??

    thanks alot for your advice

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    I too will be roadtripping this fall. The initial plan was for two, but my travelmate is bailing on me. I'll be leaving from Philly,PA in early October and doing a kinda-northern route across the USA (I90'ish, but not all on the highway). I want to catch some of the national parks in this area before it all freezes-up for the winter!

    The return route will be along the south, catching many of the places you mentioned (not sure about Baha). I'm still brainstorming ideas... definately want to discover the niche attractions, do a lot of camping, and stay on a budget around $1500.

    I'm not quite adventerous enough to share the trip with people I just met on the Internet, but if you'd like to bounce a few e-mails back and forth with ideas and maybe meet up somewhere along the way... that might be fun.

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    Brandon Guest


    LOL I love meeting new ppl and if someone asked me I would easily make friends and head out and see the sites.

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