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    Brian Breadman Guest


    Hey all!!!
    Just found this forum... Its amazing how hard and how easy it was to find my way here.
    Well... I am leaving on/about September 1st.
    I will have about 10-11 days to spend out in the wild blue yonder.
    I recently purchased Road Trip USA written by Jamie Jensen.

    Here is my question(s)
    1. What should I expect to budget for fuel? I understand I am being vague about any specifics regarding my destinations, but it is because I am unsure where I am going. I want to see Arizona, South Dakota,Utah, Nevada and possibly Texas.

    I've read through Road Trip USA and like the look of US-Route 50, and its relative closeness to RT. 66.
    Could anyone give me a heads up of what I can expect in terms of lodging availability?
    I have a million of my own questions to ask, I have been reading the other posts, and appreciate people sharing.
    Guys and gals, I hope you find me worthy of responding, and hope to connect with fellow travelors here.

    Thanks in advance,
    Brian Breadman

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    Default Worthy of responding?


    Hopefully everyone who lurks, contributes, etc. always feels they are welcome and worthy of a response here! As the Editor, I am curious about your path in regards to the difficulty in finding this Forum...

    Relative closeness of US-50 and US-66 -- at the narrowest point, they are still a few hundred miles apart. Be sure to check out the RTA Rte 66 resource pages for more information at

    Since you will be on the road 10 days, unless your vehicle gets a lot less than 30 mpg, I would say that you would not spend more than $350 for fuel during that period.

    However, it is not physically possible to see those five states referenced above in 10 days of travel. You could easily spend 10 days in any one of them and only see a fraction of what there is to see.

    There is plenty of information about loding options on this forum. Use the Gray Search button at the top of this page, do not limit the search topic and use "motel or lodging" in your query. But in general, you can find suitable lodging on any section of either Rte 66 or US-50.

    Also, check out Judy's comments about budeting at (

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    Brian Breadman Guest

    Default Follow-up

    Thanks for responding.
    I have decided to drive to Vegas and see the sites on the way back.
    I'm driving a 98 Ford Explorer Sport, Some checking uncovered my fuel economy and fuel tank capacity.
    I'm torn actually between 50 and 66.
    For the way out I think going 50 might be the easiest.
    Can anyone give some general ideas of what to look out for regarding lodging? Prices, where to stay, WHAT to Avoid,etc..

    Thanks all,

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