Hey all!!!
Just found this forum... Its amazing how hard and how easy it was to find my way here.
Well... I am leaving on/about September 1st.
I will have about 10-11 days to spend out in the wild blue yonder.
I recently purchased Road Trip USA written by Jamie Jensen.

Here is my question(s)
1. What should I expect to budget for fuel? I understand I am being vague about any specifics regarding my destinations, but it is because I am unsure where I am going. I want to see Arizona, South Dakota,Utah, Nevada and possibly Texas.

I've read through Road Trip USA and like the look of US-Route 50, and its relative closeness to RT. 66.
Could anyone give me a heads up of what I can expect in terms of lodging availability?
I have a million of my own questions to ask, I have been reading the other posts, and appreciate people sharing.
Guys and gals, I hope you find me worthy of responding, and hope to connect with fellow travelors here.

Thanks in advance,
Brian Breadman