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    To everybody who's done a summer roadtrip, my friend and I are planning a trip next summer for about 2-3 months. How much, everything included did it cost you, per person, if everything is split down the middle. We aren't in dire need for wonderful lodgings, food, or anything else luxurious. Thanks everybody for your input.

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    Default An impossible task

    Other posters have provided good concrete numbers (use the Search function, include all topics and search with "budget") but I find such queries nigh onto impossible -- because a one-month roadtrip might be 1000 miles for one person and 20,000 for someone else. From experience, using the 20,000 miles per month scenario it cost $1300 per person per month. Obviously, we weren't splurging alot and we spent most of our waking hours in the driver's seat.

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