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    Default From Clarence, New York to Cary North Carolina

    Hi, Looking for directions for a trip (scenic route) from Clarence New York to Cary North Carolina. I want to avoid turnpikes and the thruway at all cost. If anybody can help me......please let me know!

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    Default A start -- exploring Western PA forest gems


    As you probably know, the most direct route involves using three Interstates and covers ~ 725 miles one way. But since you are looking for alternatives...

    I would start out on NY-16 and cut over to Warsaw on US-Alt-20 and then head south on NY-19 to go through Wellsville on then on into Pennsylvania on PA-449. Depending upon the time you have for the journey, you could either go due south (more or less) exploring the four state forests or cut over US-666 and drive west and go through the Allegheny national forest. The Tall Oaks Fall festival is one of our favorite haunts in that part of the forest (

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