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    Jacob Guest

    Default Los Angeles to New york

    I am planning a road trip from Los angeles to New york -- first timer for this cross-country road trip. Any suggestion would be very helpful !!
    Thanks in advance !!

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    Default Oh, God, so much!

    LA to NY? The opportunities are endless!! This forum has TONS of postings, depending on which route you're taking. You might want to try the search function.

    Do you know whether you'll be taking a southerly or northerly route? How much time do you have?

    You've got a whole continent in between your starting point and destination. I'm jealous!

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    Jacob Guest


    My plan for overnight stops starting from Los Angeles :

    1) Las vegas
    2) Denver
    3) Des Moines
    4) Chicago
    5) Detroit
    6) Canada !
    7) Buffalo to New york.

    I am planning using freeway 80. Isn't an easy one for first timer !!??
    Thanks in advance !

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Odd spacing


    First of all, LA to Las Vegas & Denver will require traveling on I-15 to I-70. Your first day is only about 5 hours, while your second is a killer day, it would make far more sense to travel at least to St. George, Utah on the first day.

    Likewise Chicago to Detroit is a short day. And then you are going on Canada-401 to Buffalo? Did you choose this route for some particular reason?


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    Jacob Guest

    Default Please advise !

    THANKS for your quick response.

    Let's make Las vegas be the starting point. I have to pick up a friend in Las vegas to join the road trip so it's a must. From Las Vegas to Detroit, I am totally open for options ! I am trying to find the most time saving route from LV to D. Say..... we'll be driving 8-10 hours a day. I will visit my friend in London, Canada so I pick the 401/403 to Buffalo. I'd be really appreciate for any input on this.

    Thank you very much !!!

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    Default Ontario

    Last summer, I drove from Buffalo to Detroit on Highway 3 (it parallels the 401/403 route just to the south. Much slower going (lots of little towns), but fairly scenic. I recommend a stop at Port Colborne. Right where the highway crosses the Welland Canal in that town, is Lock 8, the last lock on the canal before it dumps into Lake Erie (The Welland Canal is the ship route around Niagara Falls). If you're lucky, you can watch a laker or ocean-going vessel process through the lock. They post a schedule on the wall of the information center, so you'll have an idea of any ships that may be arriving.

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    Default Welland Canal

    If you can get off the 401/403 route for a stretch, you might try Route 3. It parallels your route just to the south. I took it last summer between Buffalo and Detroit in hopes of getting some views of Lake Erie. Alas, there isn't any of that, but as the road passes through Port Colborne, you'll cross the Welland Canal at Lock 8. The canal was originally built in 1829, but the present incarnation was constructed in the first quarter of the 1900's -- finishing about 1932 I believe, and it allows the ships to bypass Niagara Falls. Back in the old days, they found out that Niagara Falls was pretty hard on the ships (it was that sudden drop, I think). The whole series of locks raises or lowers the lakers and ocean-going vessels some amount over 300 feet (396?) between Lakes Erie and Ontario. It is a very interesting process -- stop at the bridge (you can park right on the street) and look for the ship schedule posted on the side of the information center. It is well-worth it to wait and watch a ship come through the lock. As the ships come out of the lock (going north), you can talk to the crewmen on the decks as they go by! I tried to attach a photo to this post, but got an error message a couple of times so apparently that is not possible. Anyway, you'd also cross the canal at St Catherines as you drive between Hamilton and Buffalo, if you stick to your 401/403 routing, but I haven't been that way and don't know if you can get as close to the ships as you can at Port Colborne.

    I enjoyed driving Route 3. I saw many Canadian homes and businesses flying the Stars and Stripes, in support of the USA. Although we are close neighbors, Canada DOES have a different "feel," (this was my first time driving out of the USA as a tourist) and the countryside is beautiful along this route -- much like Indiana or Ohio only with many coniferous trees instead of our deciduous varieties, so it has a very "northern" feel to it. Very pretty, and the people that I met were very friendly. One big difference -- I didn't find any chain fast-food places. The restaurants were individual-owned, often operating out of homes or what once were homes and there was no Mickie D's anywhere (there were no large towns on the route). Bob

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    Default Very Cool Report


    Thanks for sharing this insider info about the canal and locks.

    As regards the photo -- we (yet) don't have the capability to accept uploads to this forum but if the photo is already posted somewhere on the Web, you can load the html image source code directly into the Message box (see the usage instructions on the bottom of this page) and it will display. We would very much like to see the photos. (The attachment format using the advanced box has some coding issues we have been unable to unravel -- sorry.)


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    Default 2000 Miles

    The fastest route would be the I-15 to I-70 to I-80 you have already designated. The mileage for the fastest route is a tad over 2030 miles and can be driven (even with the 5 points of construction on that route) in about 33 hours -- stopping only for fuel and the occasional stretching.

    If you plan to drive 8-10 hours per day -- you will have ample time to do some sidetrips and still cover the distance in the 7 days.

    What kinds of things interest you?

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    Default Los Angeles to New York

    Our complements to the editor and other contributors on this terrific site!

    Like Jacob, my wife and I (who are 30 something yuppies who enjoy beautiful scenery, culture, food and vino) are planning a trip from LA to NY, so we thought this a good spot to post.

    We'd like to take about 3 weeks, beginning in mid-August. We've read much information about taking a northern vs. a southern route and about various great vacation spots depending on one's goals that, frankly, we're feeling pretty overwhelmed! Current feeling is that we really want to see the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe, and try to visit friends by Copper Mtn, CO if it doesn't compromise our trip (but even these thoughts aren't etched in stone). Any thoughts or suggestions on route and places to visit would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance! : )

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