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    We are from the UK and are doing are first road trip in August.We have 18 days but 3 of those are in New York city.
    The rest of the trip includes Pennsylvania,Maryland,West Virginia,Virginia,North Carolina,Tennesee.We are visiting various
    places in these states but are following the Appalachian mountains,the blue ridge parkway,skyline drive,
    visiting places like Gettysburg, Harpers ferry,Roanoke,Blowing Rock,Little Switzerland,Nashvile and Memphis plus others
    ,then back to New York through Kentucky.
    When we leave Memphis we will have 6 days to get back to New york city,but we are not so bothered about stopping as much
    on the way back as the way there when we have 9 days.
    Do you think this is too ambitious for the time we have.Your help would be really appreciated.

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    Default Clarify please

    I am not sure I followed the route... Are you taking six days from Memphis to NYC? (Without any planned stops)? Or is some of the planned stops included in the return trip?

    It seems like a rather ambitious schedule, but probably doable.

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    Andrew Guest

    Default In search of Elvis!

    The trip is 3 days in NYC then 6 days from NYC to Memphis via Bethlehem New Jersey (Saturday) Bird in the hand and Gettysburg(Sunday) Harpers Ferry(Monday) Natural Bridge & Roanoke (Tuesday) Blowing Rock, Little Switzerland(Wednesday)Asheville(thursday) 6
    days completed.

    3 days, Nashville(Friday) Memphis(Saturday and Sunday)
    Then back to NYC haven't quite got the exact route worked out but was thinking of going to Mammoth Caves, Lexington Kentucky to name a few. Then on the sixth day of the return leg travel back the remaining distance to the
    airport.Do you think any of these places are not worth seeing? Would it be better stopping in some of these places 2 nights and stopping at less places therefore breaking up the journey? Is this journey to ambitious?Would it be better going back to NYC along the coast? I wouldnt travel as far but I really wanna see Memphis as I am a huge Elvis fan,and the days I am there it is Elvis week.

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    Default Have you driven on the "wrong side" much?


    I know that the greatest temptation when setting up a roadtrip vacation is to pack as many places as seem possible into the route. Many people prefer this technique, and for that orientation, you would be better served to speak to travel agent -- Our focus is on the quality of the trip, not how many places can one drive through at warp speed.

    A first concern -- is about road fatigue -- driving on the wrong side can be tiring and you will be driving a large vehicle on some challenging roads.

    Go to Memphis and do the Elvis thing.

    Looking at the route -- on Saturday after leaving NYC -- you mentioned Bethlehem (is this in Pennsylvania or is Blenheim, NJ?) I would guess from your intended visits, that you are a Civil War historian? One of the books you should consider would be "Along I-75" because of the depth of information about places to explore along that road. (

    From Memphis, I would suggest going north along the Mississippi River -- hanging a right at the Ohio and follow it into Louisville, (a fun place). We haven't been to the Mammoth Caves yet, but every national park is worth a visit.

    Six days is ample to allow some R&R time for the return. Pittsburgh is one of our all-time favorite cities (especially at night) but be fore-warned it is built on seven large hills and can be tricky with RV's once you leave the major highways.

    It should be quite an adventure.

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